About us

Before we settled in the Drôme we had a studio in the Netherlands where we designed and created sets for advertising photography. It was an intensely creative period that we look back on with pleasure.
Since the summer of 2010 we have been the owners of the Ferme de Boulliane, which we almost immediately began to renovate. Working together, we converted the old stone barn, which was in an abominable state, into vacation rentals. It was a long and demanding job, but a very satisfying one. The guesthouses are built with respect for authentic building techniques, using as many environmentally responsible materials as possible. The first phase is now complete: 3 beautiful units, which we are very proud of. We are now putting our energy and creativity into a thorough renovation of the century-old farmhouse. We are striving for the same result as in the guesthouses: authentic on the outside, comfortable on the inside. Our aim is to rebuild the farm with the ‘honest’ materials and the masonry and joinery styles that are so special to this part of France.
La douce France offers plenty of scope for our love of the good life: a sunny climate, beautiful nature, walking and cycling, great food, good restaurants, and pretty villages with friendly people….. We feel at home in the Drôme.
We are sure you will like it too. Book quickly, soyez les bienvenus à notre Ferme de Boulliane!


Ingrid en John